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Digital Customer Onboarding in Banking Made Easy

Our solution automates the complete onboarding process in banking/financial sectors, providing better customer experience.

Digital Banking Onboarding
Software Solution

iSolve Digital Onboarding, empowers banks to quicken the customer Onboarding journey via robotizing the end-to-end process in an improved and smoothed out way by utilizing the most advanced techniques, capturing accurate customer data from the scanned documents, sticking to regulatory standards, and optimizing operational efficiency.

Our solution can provide the bank with the ability to give a consistent customer onboarding experience, end to end, with no human intervention, or give human mediation when and where required.

Streamline Your
Customer Onboarding Banking Process

Seamless Data Capture & Extraction

Auto-filling of data from the scanned documents through OCR technology or the manual process if required.

Identity Proof

Validating the scanned documents with highly secured features by use of advanced technologies AI and ML

eKYC AML/Blacklist Checks

Validating received customer's data for Blacklist/AML by integrating with KYC to know the customer’s credibility and for credit scoring

Real-Time Proof of Ownership

Validating the customer by requesting him/her to take a selfie and validating the same with already captured authorized documents by using AI features.

Digital Signature

Empowers banks to give a digitalized seal on the Onboarding digital document generated for the customer.

Comprehensive Onboarding Flow

Our onboarding flow covers the product suggestion to the customer and integrated into any payment system to fulfill funding needs

Customer Authentication

Customer is authenticated through Email/SMS OTP as part of the onboarding process

Why iSolve For Banking Onboarding Process

Streamlined workflow
Completed visibility
Automated IT integration
Reliable online identity KYC verfification
Simplified form filling
Zero data entry errors
Legal and secure E-sign
Real-time customer insights

Want to Start Your Digital Onboarding For Banking Service

iSolve is a pioneer in banking onboarding solution provider for decades, and we helps you to onboard users faster, lower your support efforts, scales to fit your needs and create a better customer experience

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