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Keep track of your all assets

eam asset management software


Mobile Application

eam maintenance software

iTrack Mobile app for instant update on Payment Collections

GPS based tracking and AI for beat plans

eam asset management software

Tracks the positioning of an Individual, Data on distance covered

Intelligent Asset Management Platform for Enterprises and Businesses

  • iTrack is a state of art Asset Management Software Platform, which helps you to monitor and manage assets in your business network.
  • Our Enterprise Asset Management comes with robust functionality and wide range of features to track all your assets under one platform.
  • IT Asset Management (ITAM) software reduce your maintenance costs.
  • Our asset tracking platform collects and maintain records related to physical assets deployed across multiple locations.
  • Users can manage the entire lifecycle of physical assets using our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solutions.

Asset Management Software

iTrack provides a range of profitability metrics and impact analysis for each asset to maximise productivity, improve operational security, and reduce maintenance costs with iTrack Intelligent Asset Management.

Asset Management Platform is a powerful inbuilt Contract Management System to track agreements and contracts, iTrack sends notifications for expiry dates and performance clauses.

enterprise asset management software

Solve your Particular asset management needs

Improve the health of your assets, increase collaboration, and dramatically accelerate operation with integrated enterprise asset management.

Leverage care with machine learning

Reduce maintenance costs, equipment downtime, and capital investment by transforming your maintenance from reactive to proactive with machine learning in asset management. 

Enjoy professional equipment

Read how you can improve asset performance management and visibility--and flip Big Data from your connected assets and business systems into valuable info.

API Integration

Integration of financial and other data in one platform

Know Your Customer

Complete history of the customer on your desk (asset details, usage, contract, payments…)

Profitability Index

Get to know how much you are profitable with each customer with this unique feature

Centralised Billing

Centralised billing for a seamless control on the revenue inflow

Service Scheduling

Registration of service call and scheduling to engineers made easy…!

POS, Billing Process in one window (Client, Membership addition, Product Billing)

Manage billing process in a single window

Design, Develop, Implement & Hosting

Direct cost saving, focus on your core business

Continuous Enhancements

iSolve make continuous enhancement to the platform to be stronger and unique

Deploy Location

Track assets deployed at various location

Customer Information

Book appointment, no waiting time

Contract Management

Built in contract management tracks contracts & agreements of the customer

Payment Tracking

Have control over the payments that are received and yet to receive

Track on Spares & Consumables allocation

Know what you have given to your customer on spare & consumables

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