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Retail Management Platform for Multi-Location Businesses


Ice Cream POS Billing Software

Social Media Integration

retail shop billing software

Get connected with Social Media and grow your business

Loyalty Program Integration

retail pos billing software

Appreciate your customer loyalty with customized offers

Online Payment

retail software management

Payments made easy with payment gate way intergation

Integrated Retail Management Solutions For Multi-Location Business

  • With the advent of increasing competition, demanding customers and high labor costs, growing a service based multi-location business is challenging.
  • iServe is a revolutionary retail management system software (RMS) that uses advanced data analytics to tackle these challenges head on.
  • We guarantee to increase your business productivity while keeping costs down, without compromising on customer satisfaction.
  • We ensure that your franchisees offer consistent brand standards for quality, appearance, cleanliness, safety and friendliness across every location.
Salon Software
  • iServe is an efficient retail management platform that is ideal for use in spas and salons , ice cream parlors, restaurants and bakeries to control and monitor all of the business processes and activities.
  • It is customized with wide range of modules such as POS billing, inventory management, staff management, logistics management to customer management, to cover all your business needs.
  • iServe is a complete franchise management platform with remote access and allows you to monitor and track day-to-day operations across various locations with the click of a button.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Monitor your business with key reports, metrics & forecast

Royalty Management

Managing royalty across outlets made easy

Email Alerts

Instant alerts on activities

Real Time monitoring of multiple outlets

Sit, relax and watch what’s happening on the outlets

Employee Performance

Helps track performance of an employee, guide them to improve

POS, Billing Process in one window (Client, Membership addition, Product Billing)

Manage billing process in a single window

Design, Develop, Implement & Hosting

Direct cost saving, focus on your core business

Business Insight & Analytics

Monitor operations anywhere

Continuous Enhancements

iSolve make continuous enhancement to the platform to be stronger and unique

Centralised Billing

Centralised billing for a seamless control on the revenue inflow


Book appointment, no waiting time

Digital Invoice

Digital royalty invoice to the customer on a click

API Integration

Integration with offer programs benefitting customers