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Transform your business needs into competitive differentiators with our IoT- solutions

Our end-to-end IoT solutions help you integrate wearables, sensors, networks, cloud, and apps securely to gain a sustainable competitive edge. Our industry-specific IoT technology expertise in Firmware & Middleware Development, Cloud computing, Web & Mobile app development, and Data Science help you transform your business through powerful data-driven decisions.

Improve Business Outcomes with
Our End-to-End IoT Solutions!

Securely connect assets, apps, and data in realtime to transform business in carpeted and non-carpeted spaces.


Protect your IoT deployment, improve business outcomes, and scale flexible deployments with real-time network visibility and control.

Pluggable Cloud Services

Manage cost and functionality with the proper provisioning and integration of multiple cloud services at the same time.

Live Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Gain additional information to solve problems efficiently by accessing live data of business operations and assets.

Decision Support & Data Analytics

Real-time monitoring and collection of sensor data with predictive, and interactive analysis to make informed decisions.

Leverage IoT to start driving results in your industry!


Develop, monitor, and maintain the perfect environment for crops, livestock, and fisheries.


Connected Roadways to improve road safety, optimize traffic management, and minimize carbon emissions.

Smart Home

Enable a fully-connected home environment with intelligent remote monitoring and home automation

IOT Solution - Smart Dashboard1


Intelligent solutions to improve productivity, reduce costs, & optimize operations.


Developing a connected IoT ecosystem to cut down costs and maintenance time.

Smart Cameras

Enabling a future with secure, intelligent, & smart vision products.

Enhance business efficiency with our data-driven IoT Solutions!

Embedded Software

A comprehensive, custom-built firmware & middleware solution to control IoT devices, receive & process sensor data, & connect to a centralized embedded IoT system.

Hardware Engineering

 From conceptualization and prototyping to re-engineered solutions, we develop hardware solutions that incorporate modules for seamless product interoperability

Cloud Development

IoT cloud services and protocols for connecting, managing, & securing IoT devices, applications, infrastructure, servers, & storage for real-time operation & processing

Mobile App Development

 We design hybrid & native mobile apps for end-users to monitor & operate IoT devices remotely & send user commands to the cloud in an IoT architecture.

Web App Development

Design & development of Intuitive web apps for IoT-enabled devices to transfer user commands to the cloud connected to the network.

Data Science

Utilize raw data collected through IoT systems, and transforms it into valuable analysis and visualization to add value for an organization or business.

Customer Success Stories and Use Cases

See how our customers are transforming their business with Our IoT Solutions


Developed data processing and analytics platform for a leading Norwegian fisheries company to parse and monitor health of Salmon fish under a controlled environment.


End-to-end implementation of a controlled farrowing system to monitor the temperature of Pigs using a configurable thermal camera.


An advanced baby monitoring mobile application to monitor baby vitals for a Norwegian healthcare startup.


A multi-platform application for visually impaired using a ceiling-mounted camera to magnify everything in a meeting room or classroom.

Get competitive edge with our innovative IoT-powered Solutions

iSolve is a one-stop destination to transform your ideas into highly efficient & ingenious IoT solutions. Our IoT solutions empower businesses of varied niches to accelerate operations by integrating modern connected technologies.

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Our Trusted Customers

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Our Trusted Customers

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